for People, Hospital
and Community


for People, Hospital

and Community

Our vision

MEDcury, we are committed to bringing technology to improve the public health industry—which helps medical professionals, community, hospitals and general people.

We empower the capacity of public healthcare service providers by using AI technology to wisely analyze sophisticated and big data, manage time and cost efficiently for therapeutic benefits, development in service and reduction of unnecessary work of medical professionals. Moreover, to help people who live in underserved areas will be able to access high-quality healthcare service effortlessly.

Why your hospital should optimize performance efficiency?

Up to the present, The potential of hospital working process is not yet fully utilized. Whether it be searching for medical records, wrong operation and duplication work, all of these wastes are the costs which the hospital must pay but not enhance work efficiency. It also affects the quality of hospital services.

At MEDcury, we are committed to developing AI technology to reduce these wastes. Moreover, our technology will improve holistic work processes efficiency for health service providers.

Hospital Performance Optimization

  • Improve holistic work processes efficiency in your organization.

  • Calculate the appropriate cost for management

  • Upgrade services efficiency by using up to date technology to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Technology can help medical professionals?

With the excessive workload of medical professionals may cause errors in various processes of work. According to statistics, there are up to 400 errors per month in a small hospital from many cases such as incorrect dispensing, etc.

At MEDcury, we believe that technology is the key to solving these problems and improve the quality of healthcare.

Decision Making Support for Doctor / Image Processing / Speech-to-Text

  • Primary diagnosis the possibility of disease by symptoms specifying.

  • Analyze results from laboratory tests to identify the risk of various diseases.

  • Supports typing with your voice to increase speed and convenience as well as reducing errors in by handwriting

  • Bring the better experience of pre, during and post the healthcare services.

How our technology helps people?

You may wonder how our AI technology can be useful for people who are not the organization. We find that most people face up to much inconvenience in healthcare services accesses such as long distance from home to hospital or receiving incorrect information about health.

At MEDcury, we intend to connect everyone with access to healthcare service and provide accurate information about health without travel obstacles.

Preventive / Chief Complaint Analysis

  • Suggest proper basic health care according to symptoms..

  • Increase opportunities for disadvantaged people or underserved areas to access quality healthcare services effortlessly.

  • Cooperate with government and private companies to develop technology which can help people take care of themselves at home easily and reduce congestion in the hospital.

  • Bring the better experience of pre, during and post the healthcare services.

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MEDCury for People, Hospital and Community


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